Four members of Guthlaxton Lodge 7717 visit two Dutch lodges

Four members of Guthlaxton Lodge 7717, Worshipful Master W. Bro. Carl Ackers, W. Bro. Dorian McKillop, Bros. John Sanderson and Christopher Warden, braved the Arctic conditions to visit two Dutch lodges in the lovely city of Apeldoorn.

Leaving on a snowy morning the party flew into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport then made their way, via a hire car, to Apeldoorn.

The reason for the visit was a promise W. Bro. Carl Ackers made to a past Guthlaxton Lodge member, Bro. Tim Eijjelmeijer, who had to move to Bath for work, that he would visit his Mother lodge, and his father’s lodge, who meet on consecutive evenings.

On the 6th February 2018 we visited Leifde en Trouw Lodge and then on the 7th February De Gulden Regel
Lodge, which are Tim’s father’s lodge and Mother lodge respectively. The warmth of the welcome at both lodges was overwhelming with all four English Brethren being .welcomed like returning heroes.

The ceremony on the Tuesday evening was a second degree ceremony, which while it had echoes of Emulation Ritual, was very different and contained elements of both the Mark and Royal Arch degrees.

The ceremony on the Wednesday.evening was an initiation, in a revised Scottish Rite, adapted in France and then translated to Dutch. There are only two Dutch Lodges in the Netherlands currently working this ritual.

This was very different, and contained large elements of Alchemy and Gnostic references, which was fascinating and wetted the appetite of the English Brethren to see the ceremony performed in English. W. Bro. Carl Ackers presented
engraved tankards to both lodges to commemorate the inaugural visit, while the Guthlaxton Brethren received engraved ‘firing glasses’ from each lodge in return.

The trip was not just about Masonry as the group took the opportunity to visit Arnhem (Film – A Bridge Too Far) and also Osterbeek, where there is an excellent, and not often visited museum, which if in the area is well worth a visit.

Such was the success of the visit, the Dutch Brethren are planning a return visit to Leicester, via Tim’s Lodge in Bath, in 2019 with plans to make the reverse trips every two years. A trip to Scotland is currently in the planning to Killwining Lodge No 0 (The Mother Lodge of Scotland) and Rosslyn St. Clair Lodge No 606, which will satisfy a long-held desire to visit Rosslyn Chapel, which will be in early 2019.