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Lodge History

A brief history of Guthlaxton Lodge No. 7717

The lodge is the daughter lodge of Wyvern No.6167. The warrant for the lodge was issued on 1st June 1960 and the lodge consecrated on 15th February 1961. The Oration on that occasion was delivered by Rev Bro. Lawrence Jackson, perhaps one of the greatest preachers and public speakers of his generation.

(You can read a full transcript of the oration by visiting the page within this site using the link below)

Transcript of the Oration given at the Consecration of the Lodge (link)

Guthlaxton lodge is named after one of the six Anglo-Saxon Hundreds that form Leicestershire, which were earlier derived from four “Wapentakes” when under Danish rule. The area of Guthlaxton runs due south from Leicester and forms a wedge bounded by Sparkenhoe to the west, and Gartree to the east. Watling Street is the southern boundary. Following the consecration of the Framland Lodge, the Province now has Lodges based upon all the original Hundreds.

Guthlaxton was just one of the fifteen lodges consecrated in the great Masonic expansion of the Province in the 1960’s, under the leadership of Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brigadier C B S Morley.

The name Guthlaxton itself is derived from St Guthlac, a pious hermit monk who lived at Crowland in the Fens.

The Lodge motto is “In Futurum Condamus” which when translated means “Let us build for the future“

The membership was thus aligned with brethren living in the area, although in modern times that no longer subtends. Nevertheless many Lewises have followed their fathers into the Lodge, and at one time there were no less than seven sets of fathers, sons and therefore brothers within the Lodge.One could perhaps surmise that this formed a perfect number!

There also used to be a preponderance of members of the Tate family from Oadby, such that the Lodge was referred to affectionately as “The Tate Gallery”

Past brethren of note include, Walter Charles, a great benefactor to the communities of Wigston and Oadby, and Robert Bennett, who was the doyen of Masonic ritual and protocols in his time.

Within the Province the Lodge is well known for its annual pilgrimage back to the Fens, when every December the Lodge, along with many guests, visits Alexandra Lodge No.985, based at Long Sutton in Lincolnshire. Thus the historic link with Guthlac is maintained albeit in more festive than pious mood.

The Lodge remains in good heart with a membership of young and senior brethren and has an active social calendar which is well attended.

It’s meetings are held at Freemasons Hall, Leicester, on the third Wednesday of every month between October and April.